Born in 1954 in The Netherlands, my upbringing and education have been focused primarily on independence and responsibility. As a young adult I started my career in general- and psychiatric nursing, which experience has proven to be very valuable both later in my career, and now with consulting.
After obtaining my Bachelor degrees I have held various positions, in the areas of both service and health related  organizations. This provided me with a broad base of knowledge and extensive experience in the often-complex arena of management and consultancy.
With additional studies in Mediation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, in which I graduated to the Master level, I have been able to combine study, training and experience for the high qualifications, required to work as a specialized consultant.
To expand my work as a  Behavioral Therapist I specialized in the social and psychological aspects of dying, death, and grieving (Thanatology).
After obtaining a Master degree in Thanatology and Grief-counseling I decided to continue my study towards a Doctorate degree in Psychology with a specialism in Thanatology
Education and related post graduate education have been very important to me, just as achieving a theoretical basis of subjects that had my special attention. They were:
* MSc Thanatology and Grief-Counseling
* BA Personnel Management & Human Resources
* Propaedeuse Law
* General and Psychiatric Nursing
* Senior Executive Bank Management
* Funeral Director
* Neuro-Linguistic-Programming
* Hypnotherapy
* Civil, Work Place, Organizational,
  Divorce, and Family Mediation
* Registered Behavioral Therapist (RBT)
* Certified Grief Counselor (GC-C)
During my career I have held many positions and fulfilled numerous assignments, of which the most relevant have been:
* General- and Psychiatric Nursing
* Director Personnel Hospital & Nursing
* Director Medical Examination Center
* Manager District Nursing
* Manager Maternal & Youth Health Care
* Director Nursing Home
* Health-care representative to people in
  physically and mentally challenging
* Bereavement consultant
* Director Hospice Organization