all the neccessary documents to ensure you the end-of-life as you wish
Most of us are of a more advanced age, and although we may feel much younger then we are, we all need to deal with the inevitable. And that is preparing for death, particular if you are not living in your home country. Not doing so will leave an unwelcome burden on the family, friend or stranger trying to help with the aftermath.
Research has shown that taking care of your affairs makes parting of life less stressful and grieving for your loved-ones less intense.
How do you foresee the end of your life? In the intensive care unit of a hospital while being connected to mechanical life support, or in your own bed at your own home surrounded by your loved-ones? If you do not take care of your wishes the chance that you will die in a hospital far outweighs the chance of dying at home. This and many more things can be arranged by executing the proper Mexican legal documents.