"Successful Aging, Parting from Life with Dignity, Conquering Grief and Finding Hope,” are more elaborate and concealing terms for “Getting Older, Dying, and Grieving”.

In our western society there is a preference to hide these subjects, deal with them as quickly and unobtrusively as possible, and definitely not to talk about it. This is an attitude that may lead to social isolation, hidden sadness, unnecessary anguish, both physical and mental pain, and very often regret for those left behind.

Getting older and death are intricate parts of our life, each of us has to face it whether we like it or not. So why not make the best of it?

To face and prepare for not foreseen situations is a necessity that may require education, assistance and acceptance. Practical, legal, financial, and emotional matters do require attention, so that when the time comes not only you, but specially those around you, know what your wishes are.

Health directive, last will and testament, health care representative, housing, living a retired life, life path memories and determination of your legacy are just a few items that may surface and require attention.
With my work I aim to inform people of what lies ahead, how to prepare for it, how to face it when the inevitable is happening, improve the communication with and among those involved, to empower people facing this phase in their later life, to lessen both physical and mental pain and suffering, prepare people for both their future and the road each of us has to go eventually.

On the following pages you may read about what I hope, as a consultant, to offer you in the areas of my expertise.

Gladly I keep myself available for your questions,

Erik Slebos
End of Life :