Old man statue representing Dying Death Grieving - copyright Erik L.B. Slebos
Erik Slebos Thanatologist - Dying, Death and Grieving
Dying, death, and grieving are touchy subjects that many people prefer not to think or talk about, and mostly push them away into our subconsciousness. However, the pain and loss that come with death are unavoidable realities of life, so perhaps we should make the best of it and try to prepare and educate ourselves as best as we can. In the 17th century, a book was published titled: “Ars Moriendi” (translated: The Art of Dying), which taught people how to deal with these subjects. Now, almost four centuries later, we have progressed further than what this book offered. Thanks to the Internet, subjects like euthanasia, suicide, etc. have entered our awareness.
Still, most of us will be confronted with the impact of dying, death, and grieving only when it is staring us right in the face. At that time, we may start to realize the impact death has on us, and we may have to acknowledge that we are unprepared, uneducated, and at a complete loss of what to do.
With this website, it is my intention to help with that. Questions about an already posted BLOG may be asked, and I will give you my best answer. Also, there will be a FORUM to discuss the various aspects of dying, death, and grieving. With an open and “healthy” approach, I will try to prepare, support and educate readers for these less-joyful realities of life.