Old man statue representing Dying Death Grieving - copyright Erik L.B. Slebos
Born in 1954 in The Netherlands, my upbringing and education have been focused primarily on independence and responsibility. As a young adult, I started my career in general and psychiatric nursing. Those experiences proved to be very valuable, both later in my career, as well with my work as a thanatologist. After obtaining my Bachelor's degree, I held various positions with both service and health- related organizations.
This provided me with a broad base of knowledge and extensive experience in the often-complex arena of management and consulting.
Instigated by personal circumstances, I studied and specialized in the social and psychological aspects of dying, death, and grieving (Thanatology). Living and working for nine years in Mexico gave me the opportunity to counsel and educate members of the American ex-patriot community on dying, death, and grieving. Also, as a founder and director of a hospice organization, I was able to provide many with in-home hospice care.
After obtaining a Master of Science degree in Thanatology and Grief Counseling, I continued my studies toward earning a Doctorate degree in Psychology, which I obtained, with a specialism in Pastoral Thanatology.
Presently I am involved with AITU, a distance learning university based in Florida USA, as a professor at the School of Bereavement for their Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degree programs.
Erik Slebos thanatologist bereavement consultant