With this website I not only want to offer you a forum for asking questions, but I would also like to bring newsworthy and/or interesting subjects to your attention. For that I created this blog that of course will be about death, dying and grieving related subjects. If you have a subject to share or would like  a specific topic to be reviewed, please send me a short introduction and if feasible I'll turn it into a blog posting.

Grieving without shedding tears; is this possible?  
To answer this question it is necessary to take a closer look at crying itself; what are tears, are there a difference in tears, who cry, how and how much do people cry, and why do people cry? In a research article written for my Master’s study, I came to some interesting conclusions that I would like to share with you;
Anger; a part of Life and a part of Death
Anger is one of the many emotions that people may be confronted with when they interact with dying, death and grieving. The anger of the person dying, the anger of the family about their loved-one been taken, anger about the unspoken words, and the anger of not understanding.
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January 13, 2021
January 4, 2021
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Do Doctors Die Like the Rest of Us?
January 22, 2021
Barbara Coombs Lee, president emerita and senior advisor at Compassion & Choices, published in January 2012 an article/comment about the question how doctors die. This article was based on a blog posting by Dr. Ken Murray, MD of the the previous month November. Her article was written because the blog posting had been reverberating through the Web ever since its posting, prompting a continuous stream of comments and inspiring others to offer their own essays and input.
One may wonder if the original blog posting and this article/comment are still as valid as when they were published?
The Barbara Coombs Lee article follows here:

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December 21, 2020

Would you pray with me?
What would you do? Say nothing, or say: "No thank you", or just pray with the person, or tell the person to pray on his or her own, or something in between?
Praying is for each and everyone of us something different and very personal. These days more people than in the past centuries do not pray anymore, because praying seems to be very connected with traditional religion. But has religion exclusivity on praying?
It seems that people are finding something of god in themselves, but does that mean that praying is talking with ourselves. What is praying and what does it mean for each of us? All kinds of questions, of which finding the answers could be seen as some kind of praying by itself. I am not a person who prays in the religious sense of the word and particularly not out loud. But there are many how do, and it may confirm them in the believes or strengthen them for the times they are facing.
February 13, 2021
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