In the past years I have organized about a dozen different educational presentations all relating to ‘Dying, Death and Grieving’. Each one was opened with a thought-provoking documentary followed by an opportunity to ask me questions, which often resulted in an open discussion about subjects related to the documentary.
These presentations were always well attended and I received often very  positive reactions. This is why it is my wish to continue organizing these also here in County Cork, Ireland. However, at the time of writing this text we all face the consequences of the Covid-10 lock-down restrictions and the actually scheduling of the first presentation has to be postponed until these measurements have been lifted fully.
Informative events
Additionally I plan to organize presentations around the subject ‘Dying, Death and Grieving’ but with a specific focus on what is gathering much attention at the time. These could be subjects related to the legal preparation for one's end of life, how to deal with Covid-19 related grieving, or what are consequences of the  proposed assisted suicide law in Ireland.  Unfortunately I have to wait with the scheduling till the government has lifted the lock-down restrictions.
All presentations will be listed on this website under the heading ‘Events’.
However, if you prefer to be informed by email once a presentation is scheduled, please fill out the form in the contact page with in the comment box:
‘please add me to your event mailing list’.
Documentaries about Dying Death and Grieving
Old man statue representing Dying Death Grieving - copyright Erik L.B. Slebos