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Becoming a member of this board and rules for members.
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About membership

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Membership: Why Should I Become A Member?
Becoming a part of this forum community is free, and you get access to the latest discussion, news, and information, as well as being able to respond in the forum or comments section.

How Do I Create an Account?
Creating an account is simple! Just click the link titled “Sign up/Register” in the top-right of the main site or comments section and it will take you to account registration.

How Can I Confirm My E-mail?
Once you register with a valid email address, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Be sure to follow the instructions in the email to confirm your account, and check your spam folder as sometimes the email ends up there. Be sure to confirm your email as soon as possible to receive updates when your questions and comments are responded to.

How Do I Subscribe or Unsubscribe to E-mail Alerts?
Alerts are automatically sent to you when someone replies to a thread you have replied to. You can change this in your account settings.

How Do I Publish a Message/Comment?
-----------------to be written-------------

Are there Rules for Posting?
We expect all users to adhere to our Rules of Conduct (see specific topic under General) for posting questions and replies. Our team ensures that forums and comments are moderated and kept safe and clean.

Why Hasn't My Thread/Response Received an Answer?
The first thing to do is to review your question/comment. Was it properly worded and the issue or take concisely described? Is the topic in the right category? Sometimes questions or discussions may not receive an answer right away, or at all.

How is the Forums/Comments Moderated?
This forum and comments is moderated by Erik Slebos who is the founder and sole moderator. Community quality is closely monitored to ensure a civil, safe, and friendly environment for discussion.

Can I Become a Moderator?
Right now there is no need for more moderators.

Why Have I Been Banned?
Moderating will ensure that the Rules of Conduct are being followed by users on the forums and comments sections, and will take steps to ban individuals that present a danger to civil discourse. If you've been banned, chances are that you weren't obeying the Rules of Conduct and a moderator took action against your account. Most bans are temporary and last only a few days, but major infractions may result in a permanent ban from the Community.
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