What would you do? Say nothing, or say: "No thank you", or just pray with the person, or tell the person to pray on his or her own, or something in between?
Praying is for each and everyone of us something different and very personal. These days more people than in the past centuries do not pray anymore, because praying seems to be very connected with traditional religion. But has religion exclusivity on praying?
It seems that people are finding something of god in themselves, but does that mean that praying is talking with ourselves. What is praying and what does it mean for each of us? All kinds of questions, of which finding the answers could be seen as some kind of praying by itself. I am not a person who prays in the religious sense of the word and particularly not out loud. But there are many who do, and it may confirm them in their believes or strengthen them for the times they are facing.
Now back to the original question: "Would you pray with me"? I think I would say to them, yes of-course but before we start what does praying mean for you? Once that has been clarified, and hopefully we had an open discussion about this, then I would say that I have had the first prayer with him or her already. Because to me a prayer is a conversation between two people who for the duration of a certain amount of time pay close interest in each other, exchange ideas, and are content to have such an interaction. For me that is like a prayer, but the other might experience this differently.
Sincerely I hope that a conversation of this importance, no matter how it has taken form, when finished can be seen by both that we have prayed. This is what I think and probably would do only, what would you do? Would you pray with that person?
This short video might help you to find your answer.
February 13, 2021
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Would you pray with me?